Downtown Los Angeles, CA 2010

Strataform Topology: LA Public Market
Instructors: Neil Denari | Georgina Huljich | Hadrian Predock |
Structural Consultant: Mike Ishler, Engineer

As downtown Los Angeles continues to grow and expand influence into adjacent municipalities, the idea of 'new' downtown emerges and defines new boundaries for LA. These boundaries have begun to extend across Highway 101, formerly defining the edge of downtown, creating fertile ground for growth. So far, the trend has yielded insular objects and void spaces that exhibit a disparate object/field relationship, and the public realm is subjugated to the primacy of the automobile; hence, Parking Lot City.

The objective for this project is to assert a roof that would become a new geography of focused and intense trajectories that shape pedestrian circulation within and without, as they blend into an open field condition. This is achieved through the study of roof typologies, set within it's normative uses as shelter, enclosure or vertical boundary. As an evolution of the concept that combines roof and landscape as a fluid, continuous and ubiquitously walkable surface, this projects seeks to organize pedestrian pathways to elucidate a new conception of landscape in confluence with roof, for a new public space.