Los Angeles, CA 2010

Augmented Reality

Exhibition: Perloff Gallery_UCLA Currents_Fall 2010

The development of digital technology in the 21st century has generated a polarity in the relationship between the virtual and the physical; the real and the surreal; the inchoate and the fully formed; the rational and the irrational. In architecture, methods of representation have historically been relegated to two-dimensional representations of moments frozen in time; representations of designs that can either be virtual or physical. With the use of animation and composting as tools for representation in architectural design, the virtual and the physical can now coexist in space and time.

This project seeks to propel this idea with a didactic sequence that begins with 'real' footage, which is then polarized by a decidedly 'digital' realm (animated and rendered) with a surreal presence, then ending with a composite reality that obfuscates the distinction
between the real and the surreal.

3d Modeling/Animation: Wael Batal
Texture/Shadow Mapping: Harlen Miller, Wael Batal
Interface Design: Sonti Bluangtook, Wael Batal
Footage Compilation/Editing/Tracking: Sonti Bluangtook
Rendering/Lighting: Harlen Miller

Concept/Production/Design and Cinematography: Wael Batal, Sonti Bluangtook, Harlen Miller

Audio: Of Porcelain_Signal the Captain_Illusionary Rockaz_Shruti